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Don’t laugh – you need a new utility knife

At Gear Index we appreciate anything that is well made and serves a purpose and nothing embodies that more than the humble Lutz 357 utility knife.

My well worn Lutz 357 utility knife.

The utility knife is the unsung hero of my tool box and we have been through a lot together.  From unboxing packages, to cutting vinyl or scoring flooring, my Lutz has seen it all and it keeps on ticking but what makes it special is it’s design.

The stand utility knife is comprised of two halves, joined by a set screw (normally a Phillips head) so that when you are working on a project that requires a lot of blade changes, you need to bring a screwdriver AND your knife.  The quiet genius of the Lutz 357 is that no tools are required to break the knife in two.  By pulling on the back part of the knife which is spring-loaded you allow the two halves to come apart.  Even cooler is that hidden inside is a small compartment for the storage of extra blades!

With utility knife opened, you can see how simple the mechanism for opening and closing is as well as the stash spot for extra blades on the right. The overspray yellow just adds character.
  • Change blades whenever you want without tools
  • Carry extra blades always because they are inside the handle
  • They are cheap

There you have it.  You need a new utility knife and I highly recommend that you snag a Lutz 357 (and get a yellow one because it’s easier to fine).

Get organized and get out there!