Why are we building Gear Index?

The problem is likely one you yourself have encountered.  You are standing at the counter at the bike shop and there seems to be a problem with your frame and if you can say when you bought it and can find the receipt it will all be covered – if not, you better get your credit card ready.  For the well organized, you would simply run home to your file cabinet and pull out the folder on your road bike with all of the information that you need all neatly organized right there.  For everyone else – a bit of panic might set in – and it shouldn’t.

We are building Gear Index to help you and everyone else organize your equipment – from bikes to electronics so that you can keep them in top shape, keep track of their maintenance and warranty information and even their values.  The web app we are building is secure and easy to use – and free!  We will pay for it via the small ads shown at the bottom of the screen but the intent is to always let people use the software for free.

Functionality at Launch:

  • Organize your items into collections based on activity or type
  • Track pricing of your entire portfolio or individual items over time
  • Upload pictures and relevant documents related to your items

Product Roadmap:

  • Product forums based on your collection of items
  • “Trade Now” recommendations based on pricing alerts
  • Insurance for individual items or groups of items
  • Third party warranty coverage
  • Loan-out capability allowing you to provide a group of items which can be accessed via your friend network
  • Sell on ebay functionality to use detail information you provide in the application to help you easily sell that product on ebay
  • Associated accessory recommendations based on items you own
  • Recall notifications
  • Repair and reconditioning information
  • Calendar integration to set reminders about inspection or maintenance intervals
  • Usage integrations – Strava, Garmin, Apple Health

We are excited to finally build the solution for gear management that we have always wanted and can’t wait for you to try it.  Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter below which will let you be the first to beta test the product and as always please let us know if there are features or capabilities that you would like us to add.

Let’s get organized and get out there!

Tony & Sam